Want The New IPhone 8? Prepare To Spend A Small Fourtune

IPhone 8, why the price?

We think the new IPhone 8 is going to be a phone for the hardy die hard fans of Apple. The cost has been rumoured to be literally a months wage for the average worker. Tim Cook said at the launch of the new IPhone that they ‘wanted to set the path in technology for the next decade’, they probably set the path for the most expensive phone for the next decade!

Over Priced? Lets Check The Features!

The new  IPhone boasts its the most durable glass in a phone ever also boasting a 25% louder speaker than the IPhone 7. They have made the screen on the IPhone 8+ 5.5 inches probably for a way more heftier price tag.  You can pick up the phone in  space grey, silver and gold all boast dust and scratch resistant phones. The IPhone 8+ has new features to learn your facial landmarks and enhance light effects on the face.

OK, How Much Is it?

IPhone 8

So, we have come down to the all important price, ready for a heart attack? The IPhone 8+ 256gb

 costs a whopping £949! If you want a cheaper version of the phone you can pick up a IPhone 8 64gb for £699. The phone looks pretty sleek and looks well built but if you drop it it will probably cost you a fortune to replace the whole of the phones glass. Once the glass is broken it will not be waterproof. Remember if you spend that type of money remember to buy a case for it at least!



Check the video below for a review 


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