Uber Looses Their Licence In London

Uber Due To Loose Cab Licence In 2018

Uber has been dealt a serious blow this week with the London council stripping their cab licence to operate as black cabs in London. One of Silicone Valley’s fastest growing tech company has a massive database of customers in London and has sparked an outcry.

Transport for London rejected the new licence on the basis that the company is not ‘fit and proper’ to supply private car hire.

Their current licence runs on on the 30th September so its not likely their cabs will disappear anytime soon. Uber plan to appeal the decision so the company can continue trading in London.

Uber Have been Operating On The Edge Of The Law 

Uber looses Licence

Prof Andre Spicer said the decision made was a “potentially mortal blow” to Uber. He also added “The rouge business model is proving a big liability. They have been operating on the edge of the law with technology as a alibi”.

Kkan fully supported Transport For London’s decision to strip their licence, saying “all companies need to play by the rules”. Khan also added that he wanted to be at the forefront of new exciting technology developments that help Londonders with a better and more reliable service.

Since Uber Has Been Operating It Has Broken The Law

General Secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Steve McNamara said the mayor had made the right decision not renewing their licence.

He added “since they has been operating in our towns and cities they have broken the law, exploited its own drivers and refused to take responsibility of their customers safety. Immoral companies don’t belong on London’s streets”

Uber made a statement saying that the decision would affect 40,000 licenced drivers who rely on Uber to make a living they also added that they would have 3.5 million customers in London who rely on them for their cabs.

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