Kimera Koffee. What is it?

Kimera Koffee

Kimera Koffee is sourced from one coffee plantation from the Dominican Republic. Kimera Koffee claims to boost energy and increase focus with their blend of coffee, nootropics and other goodies to help you through the day.

The company claims that is can ‘turbocharge your brain’ with their blend of cognitive enhancers. It’s no secret that a strong coffee can help temporarily with energy boost and focus but will the nootropics provide more of a kick?

Nootropics, Alpha-GPC, Taurine, you say!

Alpha-GPC, when take orally seems to increase concentration although there is only 1 study to back this claim up. The taurine in the Kimera Koffee is an amino acid when taken orally it seems to improve blood flow.  Nootropics also referred to as ‘smart drugs’  claims to help with anything from mental energy to preventing cognitive decline.

Like any caffeinated beverage, you can suffer from side effects if you over do the coffee! Coffee is well known for the ‘jitters’ where consumers shake when having to much coffee. Kimera claim that their coffee in moderate doses does not do that. People also enhance their coffee with block butter AKA ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ to kick start their Keto diet for the day.

Sounds interesting! Where Can I Get Some?

kimera koffeeIt seems that you can get Kimera Koffee in a few places, especially in Europe. It looks like in England you can get it only at one place and that’s Tim Yarrow Nutrition. If you’re in the USA you can get it direct from the company.

The company do 2 blends of coffee and you will need a cafetiere for them. Kimera do a dark roast and a standard roast coffee. It comes in 12oz bags and is around £18/$22 a bag. Seems expensive? If it does what it claims to do its better than your standard coffee!


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